The Future

“I believe that we can reduce CO2 levels to 320 ppm.” 

The strength and clarity of this vision has driven our desire to both invent,  develop and support other engineers and scientists around the world to bring this vision to reality.

To this end, we have now renamed Austral Oceanic Services Pty Ltd to be Powerful Technologies Pty Ltd.

We understand that the quickest and most efficient means of achieving the results we wish is by converting our existing infrastructure where ever possible.

Our focus is now simply, clearly and determinedly on this outcome and we are working on a number of fronts:

  1. The reduction of CO2 from electrical generation
  2. Motor vehicle modification 
  3. Returning CO2 to the earth (Sequestration) utilising ‘Soil Carbon’, Reforestation, and Hemp.  
  4. Facilitating the research, development and implementation of the ideas of other Social Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Scientists, Academics and Governments focussed on this goal.