This is a sample of some of the projects we have worked on to give you an idea of the variety of skills and experience we bring to the table.

ClientProjectScope of Work
Diamond Offshore TidewaterOffshore Oil ExplorationEngineering services to self-propelled semi-submersible drilling rigs.
Eight separate contracts. Projects include the salvage and subsequent repair of a 49metre length of 30inch Riser, which had been dropped from the rig floor on to the "BOP" and well-head assembly in 87metre water depth, Austral engineers were also actively involved in the BOP & Wellhead repairs.
Finbar MarineRapid Deployment DavitDesign and construct a rapid launch system for inflatable high-speed rescue craft, used on Oil Rig Safety Standby vessels.
The client required a launch time of 30 seconds deck to water with standby vessel stationary Achieved 22 seconds with vessel underway at 10 knots.

National Maritime MuseumConservation of ExhibitsWriting of the conservation procedures for the Museum's maritime related artefacts.
Development of Museum philosophy. Training of Museum staff in conservation techniques and supervision of conservation & restoration of major Museum artefacts.
This long-term project covered a very wide variety of briefs and projects. Total project value > $4.8m
Sydney UniversityWind TunnelDesign and construct a Wind Tunnel Testing Facility using 3D spectrography for snow drift analysis
We designed and built this 270 kph wind tunnel as part of a bigger project we were involved in called the Oasis project. This project was investigating how to set up buildings in the Antartic by constructing them in Australia and then shipping them to the Antartic.
EllisMachinery MaintenanceDevelop a planned, PC based maintenance system for ships around the world.
Designed and developed a successful system for running maintenance and spare parts. At the time, this was one of the first in the world created specifically for the maritime industry by a ships' engineer.
Advance Ship DesignHatch Coverless Container ShipTechnical Engineering & Design Services for the development of this Patented Concept
The first vessel built to this design was the $US14M "Bell Pioneer". built in Japan
OlympicShip OperationsInvestigations into engine breakdowns, crew training, management and vessel operation.
9 Korean vessels worth $US145M had high running costs and were unreliable. Implemented staff changes, new systems, procedures and training which reduced running costs by $250k p.a.
NERDDCLNG ProjectResearch the financial and technical feasibility of using Australian LNG for fuelling overseas and coastal trading vessels
Invited to present a technical paper at GASTECH 1993 in Paris. 25 years later, some of the major ship owners are finally looking at creating LNG powered ships.
Indian MilitarySpecial Forces "Incursion"Design and supervise the building of the first production model for testing.
An 11m, 60 knot self-righting, monohedral, twin water jet, 1000 HP diesel powered, low radar profile, composite GRP, bullet-proof commando troop carrier. Over 100 of these were built.