Hatch Coverless container ship designed by Powerful Technologies CEO - Keith Ralfs

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Powerful Technologies Pty Ltd (Previously Austral Oceanic Services Pty Ltd) has now become a specialist independent Power & Energy Company.

Austral Oceanic was initially formed in January 1986 by a number of professional marine engineers and naval architects, to provide technical support to Ship owners and operators. We vigorously pursued new and innovative ways of improving overall project performance on behalf of a wide range of clients, both Government and private. We have been devoted to serving the needs of both the Australian and International Maritime, Power & Energy, and other related Industries.

At the request of clients and based upon rapidly growing and developing expertise, the company undertook a much wider range of projects, changing the level of involvement from that of a provider of technical skills to overall project manager and developer.

Now, as Powerful Technologies Pty Ltd, we are focussed on one thing: reducing CO2 levels to 320 ppm.

Powerful Technologies is committed to harnessing the skills, qualifications and experience of our team of highly motivated professionals.

The company has set new standards in formulation, education, technical innovation, financial structuring and implementation of project development.

Powerful Technologies believes in providing the highest levels of expertise, integrity and objectivity to its clients and to the Industry.  It is committed to providing quality leadership and technical innovation en route to establishing new benchmarks for reliability and performance.

The company's major asset is the sum of the expertise, experience and knowledge of its directors and staff, gained through involvement with a large and varied range of projects undertaken.  We welcome the challenge of making a real contribution to improving each and every project tackled.

Most importantly, however, we still maintain the commitment to quality and excellence.

Over many years, we have been able to maintain and develop a global network of agencies, positioned strategically to market and support our products world-wide.

With our new laser focus, and our breakthrough innovations and ideas, we are confident in our ability to contribute to significantly lowering CO2 levels.

We are looking to work with governments and companies that are also pursuing this vital goal.